Helen has had a pretty interesting journey on the planet so far, it’s hardly what you would call ‘traditional’. 

Always one to have many projects on the go, Helen has had a varied career over 25 years that has contributed to her expansive view of business and marketing.

Some of her jobs have included ‘being’ Miss Cloudland, a theatre restaurant serving wench, freelance Teenage Advice Columnist for Dolly Magazine, Freelance Travel and Music Writer, Advertising Sales Rep, Singer, Spruiker, Sales and Marketing Manager for a Gay Gym in Kings Cross and even organising Sydney to Hobart functions at the prestigious Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.

She formed her own media business in Sydney at 24 and worked for 5 publications in various roles including PR, advertising sales and freelance writing.

At 27 she closed up shop and went travelling on her own for 3 years. She lived and worked in L.A., San Francisco, Boston and the UK.

She decided to head home to Queensland just after her 30th birthday and not long after that scored a job at Brisbane’s largest advertising agency, George Patterson Bates. Within two years they created a role that saw her be the ‘translator’ between the creative team and account service. She worked on major campaigns and worked hard. It was a huge challenge and it gave her the skills to then start her own agency.

In 2008 she moved from Brisbane to the beautiful Sunshine Coast where she enjoyed all the benefits of being local and global in her business.

She is now focused on her own art practice and developing people's creative skills through intuitive therapies.

Her experience continues to grow and she now brings her unique knowledge and experience to you through her art and creative coaching and educational workshops that share her insights into, success, resilience, creative thinking and endless possibilities.

Helen's gift is to combine 'real world' experience with her intuitive and creative approach to life. Her passion is to help people bring their passion to life through either enjoying her art or learning to create their own.