Do you need some colour in your life?

My name is Helen Barber and my business is 2B Creative.

I am an Artist, Designer, Creative Thinker, Intuitive Healer / Creative Therapist and Workshop Facilitator.

After a 30 year career as a brand and communications specialist, business coach and an award-winning graphic designer, I have learnt a lot about how colour can influence and heal.

I now focus on my own art practice, art therapies and working with intuitive art with a message to help people align to their purpose and passion.

I LOVE what I do and know that while I am living my purpose, I never have to work a day again in my life!

If you think that creativity has to do with artistic or musical pursuits, then think again! My gift is to help you clarify your vision and look at things from a different perspective, because I believe everyone is creative in their own way. 

I invite you to think about all the creative thinking you do every single day. Everything from juggling your time to how you find solutions to overcome a challenging obstacle in your life. You know you can do it, sometimes you just need a helping hand to show you how to unlock your creative mind to help your dreams and visions become reality.

Creative thought is the thing that sets us in motion.

Want to know more about Helen? Read her story in Conversations With A Goddess - by Natalie McIvor

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Intuitive Art Reading and Painting Package

Intuitive Healing Art for you or your business. This unique experience gives you a personalised reading from Helen, who then creates a specialised piece of artwork just for you!